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Comicpalooza 2016

For some people it was father’s day, or a chance to see the Dynamo or Astro’s, but for me June 19 was the epic final day of Comicpalooza (and ended with a blood filled episode of Game of Thrones).

It’s always great to meet new readers-of which I met several-to share my work along with the other great stories from local authors.  They got a chance to meet my character Samantha Locke who I cosplayed as for the event (although I was much nicer than Samantha would have been to a group of strangers).  I hope that they all throughly enjoy my debut novel Blood On The Potomac, along with my three short stories in Eclectically Criminal, and my short story The End which can be found in Eclectically Vegas, Baby all from Inklings Publishing and available for purchase via Amazon.

I hope that everyone that took home one of my pieces gives me an honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads after their finished.


And if you go to enough of these events then you do have a chance to see your friends that live far away-which is always a pleasure.  I got to meet author D.L. Young’s family (he’ll be taking over my blog on July 1 when he answers my 20 Questions…), had a chance to catch up with awesome local artist Johnnie Rosales Jr. (who’s artwork literally is in every room of my house you can check out his work on Instagram), and had an opportunity to meet Daryl Dixon himself because of the kindness of fellow author Patty Flathery Pagan (more on that at the end of the blog, but check out Spider Road Press a local publishing house that has awarded me another honor this time for my piece Blanquita).

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It’s always great to connect with friends and make new ones-including the Ariel’s in attendance who were nice enough to take a picture of me although my shirt directed Ariel about to be eaten by Jaws (you know Shark Week is coming up…).

Although I didn’t get to meet him fellow author Andrea Barbosa and I were standing about 20 ft. from Charlie Hunnam star of Sons of Anarchy.  And I must admit the pic I got of him is quite funny, and he’s so handsome even pixelated.

IMG_3070 (1)


Finally one of the highlights of my life was getting a chance to meet and have Norman Reedus himself sign a photo for me.  My friend Patty couldn’t wait in line anymore (she’d already waited over an hour and it was her husbands first father’s day) so she gave me her place in line so I’d have a chance to meet him and get my own signed photo with him.  If you notice on my pic (the one on the right) it’s slightly smudged from his thumb which I think is super awesome!


Norman is easily the most famous person I’ve actually spoken to which made me nervous (his handler told me to take a few deep breaths and had me repeat my name three times just so I’d remember to tell him what it was) but he was so very sweet.  There was a line of easy 50 people waiting for his signature and he knew we were hungry so he brought us all pizza and had his security pass out the boxes which we then passed through the crowd like body surfing (although I didn’t eat a piece didn’t want to mess up my makeup before I spoke to Daryl).  He came over the table and hugged a couple of little girls that were dressed like the princesses from Frozen and spent time talking to everyone that stood in line.

A young girl was about six people ahead of me, and you weren’t aloud to have your phone out when you were actually at the table (although I did take some pics as I waited in line which was allowed) so she asked me to use her phone to record her giving him a piece of fan art.  She started crying, Norman told her it was beautiful, and had someone hang it up under the banner behind him.


It took me forever to pick which picture on the table that I wanted him to sign, but I think I chose a good one, and once I finally was face to face with him I totally forgot how to speak (which if you know me is super weird).  Here’s how the conversation went:

Norman: (shakes my hand) Hey, how are you doing?

Me: (not letting go of his hand then something that sounds kind of like English comes out of my mouth) My name’s Melissa.  I’m nervous so I thought I’d forget, but it’s Melissa.

Norman: (starting to pull his hand away) Your name’s Alyssa?

Me:  (I finally let go) No, Melissa.  My name’s Melissa.  You know like Melissa McBride (Carol on The Walking Dead)

Norman: Okay (he starts signing my picture but then really looks at my shirt and starts to laugh)  Your shirt is really cool.  (nudges his security guy who had an awesome fade) Look at her shirt man.  (Security guard laughs at Jaws about to eat Ariel the little mermaid)

Me:  Thanks it’s like my favorite shirt now!  I wrote a book (hand him a postcard with my book info which his security guard instantly takes) I should have brought a copy, but I forgot because I’m really nervous.  My name is Melissa by the way.

Norman:  (slyly smiles) Great meeting you, Melissa.

Me:  (Comicpalooza worker starts to motion me to move because my 30 seconds is up) No it was really great meeting you.  Sorry I’m weird, I’m just really nervous.

Norman:  It’s okay, have a great Con.

Then maybe I said something else, and on my way back to the Inklings table I did bump into some people I knew, but I was on cloud nine.  I’d originally planned on not washing my right hand, but I ate some nachos so I had to.

Although I am contemplating framing the shirt I wore because Norman Reedus said he liked it…


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The Birth of a Novel



The night started off as many spring evenings in Houston-pouring down rain. Thankfully by the time my handsome man Israel and I made it to Gratifi Kitchen and Bar, in the heart of Montrose, the water abated. The weather reminded me of my personal experience while writing the novel. There were pitfalls, and a fair share of challenges, but in the end, after three years, my story was made available to the public.


I was excited when I saw that the menu had named a drink after my debut novel ‘Blood On The Potomac’, which proved delicious.   The venue was crowded, and when I read scenes from the novel there were gasps and laughs at the right times from the audience.


The people that joined me on the evening my novel was released ranged from old friends, fellow writers, and avid readers that were excited to start reading. One of the attendees-a college student and talented author told me that after I read the infamous ‘roof top’ scene in the ‘Looking Glass’ chapter she “couldn’t stop reading even after you did. I just had to find out what happened next!” (The link to my Facebook Author page is at the end of this blog-and where you can see video of my readings)

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That was one of the highlights above my gratitude that so many people came to support me.


The most memorable moment for me was when someone made a toast to me, easily one of the people that have known me personally for the shortest amount of time. Sherrie along with several of my co-workers from Green Apple Salon- Montrose, came to the event just a few blocks from our salon. I was elated that they attended-a friend mentioned that no one from my previous salon attended any of my previous, yet numerous, writing events. My fellow hair stylist, Sherrie, stood up, and tapped a knife against her glass. She called the room to attention and began to speak.


Her words were moving, and the night was long, thus I can’t quote anything for sure other than how she concluded her toast of love and admiration with “you are a true artist, Mel, and we love you.”

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Knowing that others appreciate your gift for the written word is the greatest gift I’ve ever received. Thank you to all my friends, family, and the readers that attended any past or future event-without you I’d be telling stories to myself.


You can find my debut novel ‘Blood On The Potomac’ on Amazon or from Inklings publishing

Like my Facebook Page

And follow me on Twitter


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Release of ‘Blood On The Potomac’

I’m happy to announce that my debut romantic thriller ‘Blood On The Potomac’ will be available on May 21.  There will be a release party held in Houston, the location will be announced later this week.  The novel will also be available for pre-order soon from

The cover has been released and I’m pleased to share it with you now.



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It’s time to start Christmas shopping…

Christmas is coming up and there’s nothing sexier than someone who reads.

My short stories are quick, and will leave you wanting more.

Like spies? Lots of blood? Check out my story ‘Blood On The Potomac’ which inspired the full length novel I’m writing with Inklings Publishing It can be found in their anthology ‘Eclectically Carnal’ which you can find here at Amazon.

Do you watch Criminal Minds? Then you’ll love my story ‘The Silencer’ where I’ll take you inside the mind of a serial killer. Want to take a drug inducted car ride with some teenagers? Then read ‘Molly’. You can also read my story of a girl who’s assaulted and her attempt to move on in ‘Caroline Hearts Toby’. All these stories can be found in the anthology ‘Eclectically Criminal’ in which I’m the featured author and can be found on Amazon as well.

Are you a sci-fi kinda person? Ever wonder what it would be like to grow up in the apocalypse? Then you should read my story ‘The End’ which can be found in ‘Eclectically Vegas, Baby’ which will be released this Thursday, but can be found on Amazon.

No matter what you like I know I have s short story you love.

And don’t forget to leave an honest review after you get some amazing literature under the tree this year.


A great day selling/signing book with Inklings Publishing!

The last sale of the day was an aspiring writer!
The last sale of the day was an aspiring writer!
Holding the three anthologies that contain my five short stories
Holding the three anthologies that contain my five short stories
You can read my short story 'Blood on the Potomac' in Eclectically Carnal, and my short story 'The End' in Eclectically Vegas, Baby.
You can read my short story ‘Blood on the Potomac’ in Eclectically Carnal, and my short story ‘The End’ in Eclectically Vegas, Baby.
With the dream team 'Belonging' author-Chantell Renee, award winning author Andrea Barbosa, and award winning author Melissa Algood
With the dream team ‘Belonging’ author-Chantell Renee, award winning author Andrea Barbosa, and award winning author Melissa Algood
I'm the featured author in Eclectically Criminal; Andrea Barbosa wrote 'The Match'.  We both have a short story in Eclectically Vegas, Baby.
I’m the featured author in Eclectically Criminal; Andrea Barbosa wrote ‘The Match’. We both have a short story in Eclectically Vegas, Baby.

Pearls of Wisdom

<A middle school teacher asked me to come up with something that would let her students know that a first draft is not a final draft.>

Writing is easy, right?  Wrong.

To prove my point think of the bestseller ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, it should be easy to write a teenage love story that connects with people of all ages, right?  Wrong.
John Green spent four hours every day writing, it took him three years to ‘complete’ it until he sent it into his publishing house.  Once they got a hold of it John Green spent another four years re-writing and approving edits before the tome was put on bookshelves and became an international sensation.
I began writing my first published short story ‘Blood On The Potomac’ when I was 28 (and that’s about how old you should be before you read it).  I spent at least an hour each day for two months writing, before I showed it to other writers, then I spent another month re-writing.  And it’s only seven pages long.  It wasn’t published until I was 29, because my editor had to review all the stories in the collection.

I must be a terrible writer, right?  Wrong.

I understand that my first draft is purely a stream of consciousness that no other human should read, because it’s not good enough, and I can do better.  I re-work every sentence before I show it to my writing buddies, they give me feedback, and I use a machete to cut out about half so I can start over.

But, only writers would spend so long on one manuscript, right?  Wrong.

Think of your favorite musician.  Do you think they only practiced each song once before they recorded it?  Does your favorite sports team only run a play once before the big game?  Do the actors in your favorite movie only do the scene once before it’s put into the film?  Would you trust your doctor if they’d only stitched up one person before they start on you?

No, you wouldn’t.
They review their work again, and again, and again, until their sick of whatever it is.  Then they do it again.

I have a friend who’s been a professional stand up comedian for over 20 years.  Granted he is hilarious off the cuff, but when he’s on stage, he’s told those jokes at least a hundred times in a hundred different places.  I don’t need to ask him why he seems so at ease because I know that he practices every day to protect his craft.
Even this took me three hours to write.  I started by just typing everything I thought, then I read over it and re-wrote it.  I took a break to get some perspective then looked over it again, because I have pride in what I do.

And if you don’t take any pride in your writing then at least take pride in your education.  You can’t get anywhere in life without it, and the knowledge that you have is something no one can ever take away from you so, hold it dear.

-Melissa Algood  2014