‘Hair Raising Tales of Horror’ release party

In early August 2016 my dear friend Chantell Renee, a fellow hairstylist and award winning writer, decided to create an anthology of short stories that were truly terrifying.  That day over tacos at Torchy’s in the Heights we planned to have the collection ready in time for Halloween.  Considering I’d just taken a position at… Read More ‘Hair Raising Tales of Horror’ release party

‘Hair Dying’ – award-winning short fiction

I’ve been working in the hair industry for a decade and although I’ve had the pleasure of making some amazing people feel beautiful there have been some trying times.  While this story isn’t based off of a particular guest-a hairstylist does feel under appreciated at least once in their career.  This story is for them,… Read More ‘Hair Dying’ – award-winning short fiction