Something scary to listen to at night

The sexiest (and scariest) podcast you’ll ever hear is Sex and Horror Podcast with Dicey Grenor and Chantell Renee.  They’re both authors who have a plethora of titles under their belt, a great sense of humor, and love to talk (and write) about sex and all things that go bump in the night.
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A sneak peak of ‘Hair Raising Tales of Villainous Confessions’

After a ton of hard work (not only by me and Chantell Renee but 4 other indie authors) the newest anthology from the Hair Raising Tales series, and the first collection from Mad Girl’s publishing is now available for pre-order! ‘Hair Raising Tales of Villainous Confessions’ is out NOW and is perfect for the reader… Read More A sneak peak of ‘Hair Raising Tales of Villainous Confessions’

Party Time for ‘Everything That Counts’

‘I’d been treating life like a chess game, forgetting to live in the moment when I had a chance. I had to change all that.’

Blake Morgan is the biggest geek in all the graduating class of 2005, possibly in all of Annapolis, maybe even the entire world. He decides that talking to a girl, doing something unexpected, getting an F, and performing a brave act during his senior year will make him into a whole other person. Maybe even cool.

Yet when he checks something off the list he hurts the few people who love him just the way he is. A loser. Is he able to repair the damage? Is changing who you are worth it? Can Blake be an astrophysicist and have a supermodel as a girlfriend?

Blake Morgan is stupid enough to wreck his life, but is he smart enough to put it back together?
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