Twenty Questions with…Dicey Grenor

Whether you love her shamefully seductive prose, her witty sense of humor, or just want to curl up with a bottle of wine and listen to her podcast, no matter which way you slice it-Dicey Grenor is a badass bitch.

With thirteen titles to her name, an obsession for fictionalized serial killers, and BDSM you’re sure to find a book that will leave you begging for more.  As one can suppose her audience is clamoring for X-Rated material, and her intelligent story-telling keeps readers interested in what she’s working on next (hint you might be able to watch it).

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many artists, but Dicey is a rare breed in how she plots out her work, and when she breaks it down in one of her answers below I recommend any emerging authors see if that approach works for them.  She and Chantell Renee host a podcast Sex and Horror Podcast in which they interview other authors, performers, dancers, and artists in other mediums.  Between the laughter and Sangria both are highly successful interviewers, in particular, Dicey’s ability to research a topic and become fully knowledgeable is pretty unreal.

But now the tables have turned, and she answered my infamous 20 Questions.

So let me introduce the highly talented boss bitch Dicey Grenor:





Twenty Questions With Dicey Grenor

1. Every writer has that one book that made him or her want to be a writer, what’s yours?
No particular book made me want to be a writer, because I was born a writer. It was always my preferred means of self-expression. Along the way, I read many books that made me think—man, I want to write a book, but this shit is too hard. I was in awe with how the authors plotted stories and characters and didn’t think I could ever be as good. It wasn’t until I read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer that I realized I was being way too hard on myself. I didn’t have to be as good as anyone else, just the best version of myself when it came to writing. Twilight was the book that made me believe I could write my own book and become an author.
2. How old were you when you started writing?
Whenever I first put a pencil and pen in my hand.
3. Name four authors that you’d love to have lunch with.
Zane, Michelle Obama, Sista Souljah, Eric Jerome Dickey.
4. What would you eat?
5. How do you plot out your work?
For months in my head before I ever begin typing a detailed character and outline sheet. After I know what my story will be about, I write my ideas for the ending, all the big highlights in between, and lastly, the beginning. By the time I’m done writing the outline, I know exactly how many chapters and words, and how much time it will take to complete the story. I haven’t been wrong yet.
6. Do you write in the morning or evening?  I begin in the evening and finish in the wee hours of the morning. My best writing stride is around 3-5 a.m.
7. Is there music on?
Yes. I begin with my mood music, something to hype me up to get started. As I write, I switch to concentration and meditation music.
8. What inspired your last story?
My last novel was FAST FRIENDS, DESPERATE LOVERS, a rock-n-roll erotic romance sequel to BEST FRIENDS, FANTASY LOVERS. This series is not as popular as my vampire series, but I felt the burn to return to my rock star characters. I simply follow my muse. Whichever voices are speaking to me loudest, that’s who I listen to. After all my rock concerts and meeting some of my favorite musical artists, I had to get back to Spirit, my grieving drummer. He and his love interest Irony just wouldn’t shut up.
9. Name three books so good you wish you wrote them.
ZEEK’S LOVING THORN (The Narcoleptic Vampire Series Vol. 3.1), WOLF’S FIRE (The Narcoleptic Vampire Series Vol. 3.2), SLEEPY WILLOW’S REDEEMED SOUL (The Narcoleptic Series Vol. 4)……….. Oh, that’s right. I did write them.
10. What television shows, movies, or albums do you believe are written well?
Oh, god. Too many to name. Many are based on books. These are the first TV shows that come to mind for compelling writing: Lucifer, Ozark, You, The Haunting of Hill House, The Last Kingdom, Money Heist, Elite, The Umbrella Academy, Game of Thrones, 9-1-1, and Breaking Bad. First movies: Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Joker, Parasites, Legends of the Fall. I’ll stay away from listing albums. The beats and energy move me first with music. The lyrics come last.
11. Which actor would you cast in the protagonist role of your most recent piece?
Teyana Taylor. She’s not an Oscar-winning actress, but she’s hot af, a musical artist and dancer, and an all-around fiery entertainer.
12. Which of your pieces was the hardest to write?
All of them during the first few chapters while I establish the tone, pace, and voice of the characters.
13. Which was the easiest?
All of them during the last few chapters while I tie all the pieces together and wind down the tensions.
14. Which of your pieces did readers ‘get’ when they told you their thoughts on it?
Each of my stories have readers that get it and some that don’t. Some have said my first novel, SHAMEFUL (Taboo), is their favorite book ever. Others have said they hated it. Such is the case with every story ever written.
15. What are you working on now?
TV scripts. Wish I could say more.
16. What story do you have to write before you die?
All 250 that are in my head. Meh.
17. What’s your best fan story?
Every time someone says I’m their favorite author or that my stories brought them through a troubling time. It doesn’t get any better than that.
18. What sentence have you written that you feel encapsulates your style?
All of them. Since I write in such varied styles, depending on my mood, I think that’s indicative of the moody, varied person I am.
19. Have you ever based characters off of real people?
Not real people that I know. There have been times when real people influence a character. For instance, actor Robert Sheehan inspired my rock star character, Tommy, in BEST FRIENDS, FANTASY LOVERS. I don’t really know the guy, so I filled in the gaps for the character. Robbie’s energy onscreen combined with my imagination created my character. He was the muse. Each of my stories begins with a muse. Francois Arnaud was the muse for the sequel. And so forth.
20. Who’s your favorite character?
Sleepy Willow, the Narcoleptic Maistress Vampire. My answer to this question changes every time I’m asked, but she is the character that I’ve written the most books from her perspective. I’ve stayed in her head longest and heard her voice the most. I’ve grown with her and so have the characters surrounding her. She overcame a lot from volume 1 of the series to become the warrior vixen I always knew she was.

You can find out more about Dicey from her website

Dicey Grenor Books

and purchase her work from Amazon

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