20 Questions with… E. Paige Burks

Who doesn’t love reading a compelling fantasy novel while curled up with their favorite four legged love?

Well I certainly do and I’m glad that Burks has penned a few tales of her own so I can enjoy them with Madame Bijou.  And even if you don’t have a critter in your life then I know you’ll still enjoy her well evolved characters, shes a Best Book Award winner after all.

You can travel to a whole new world with her work and I’m sure that you’ll love, and until the final book in her trilogy is released may I recommend checking out her answers to my infamous 20 questions.


20 Questions With E. Paige Burks

 1. Every writer has that one book that made him or her want to be a writer, what’s yours? a. The Unicorns of Balinor series by Mary Stanton. I used to read those books as a kid and think to myself, ‘I can write like this too.’ And then I did!

2. How old where you when you started writing? a. I started writing little stories when I was like 10 years old. I remember it was a story about a puppy named Brownie and he was chased by a big Doberman, haha.

3. Name four authors that you’d love to have lunch with. a. Ooo, this one is hard. A lot of my recent favorite books have been by indie authors that I know in real life! I guess if I had to pick a famous author though, I’d say George RR Martin, Jennifer Armentrout, David Clement-Davies, and Sherwood Smith.

4. What would you eat? a. Definitely not spaghetti, because I can’t eat that without making a mess! Maybe sandwiches.

5. How do you plot out your work? a. I just start writing and go with it! I rarely have a solid plot. I usually have a beginning, middle scene, or ending that comes to me first, and I build the rest around it.

6. Do you write in the morning or evening? a. I used to be a late night writer, but with a small baby I can’t do that anymore! Sleep is life!

7. Is there music on? a. Definitely! Mostly pop or orchestral.

8. What inspired your last story? a. The last story I wrote was a 500 word flash fiction called Hitler’s Guardian Angel. I was listening to a podcast and the idea came to me.

9. Name three books so good you wish you wrote them. a. Harry Potter, The Sight, The Lux Series.

10. What television shows, movies, or albums do you believe are written well? a. Game of Thrones was really solid right up until the last season. The Lord of the Rings movies are definitely ah-mazing writing, including The Hobbit trilogy. They’re so cohesive and epic and include such minute details.

11. Which actor would you cast in the protagonist role of your most recent piece? a. I’ve thought about this before, and I’d really like to find a new actor no one has ever heard of. It would be their breakout role, and they’d get crazy famous!

12. Which of your pieces was the hardest to write? a. Return to Royalty. It took 10 years to get it right.

13. Which was the easiest? a. Hitler’s Guardian Angel. It was a fun idea and it was short, so there wasn’t a lot of investment in it.

14. Which of your pieces did readers ‘get’ when they told you their thoughts on it? a. Hitler’s Guardian Angel – my husband loved it!

15. What are you working on now? a. Book three in my A Gexalatian Tale Series.

16. What story do you have to write before you die? a. My Gexalatian Tale Series. I’ve told my husband that if I were to die before it’s finished, I want him to write the rest of it. I’ve got plenty of notes/binders/books of ideas and inspiration about the world to keep it going!

17. What’s your best fan story? a. A woman came up to me at an event and told me she had seen my book on the Facebook page and was excited to check it out. That really made my day!

18. What sentence have you written that you feel encapsulates your style? a. This is a hard one too… “Gun fire was raining down around us.” I love these succinct and pointed sentences. They really suck you in right away, especially as first sentences!

19. Have you ever based characters off of real people? a. Nah, I don’t really like to do that. Also, most of my characters are not anything like people I know in real life.

20. Who’s your favorite character? a. My favorite character(s) are my mains from A Gexalatian Tale, Nyx and Jet. I just love them, and they’ve been with my since I was 17 years old. Definitely my most favorite of all time, and probably why I’ve taken so long to tell their story; I’ll be so sad when it’s done!


You can find out more about the author on their blog ___ E. Paige Burks Blog_and purchase their work from  E. Paige Burks Books

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