Release of ‘Everyone Dies’

Most of my life I’ve contemplated death.  Emotional, psychological, and eventually physically we all die.  In the 21 stories included in the collection ‘Everyone Dies: Tales from a Morbid Author’ you’ll read about serial killers, ghosts, but also about a young boy growing up during the apocalypse, and a soldier re-born after returning from war.

I had so much help with this collection, starting with my Mother who listened to my constant questions about what happened after you die, and finally bought me a book about dealing with death.  Now as an adult I wrote stories of my own, although I’m not sure how soothing some of the stories are.

I’ve shared some of the pictures from the release party that was held at Murder By The Book in Houston, Texas.  But if you weren’t able to attend the event then you can pick up a copy of the collection on Amazon and Kindle.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported me throughout my career from my mom to the Houston writing community.

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