Where you can pick up some good reads

Thankfully I’ve been busy, and very satisfied, as the Junior Stylist at Green Apple Salon Montrose.  If you’re in the Houston area I highly recommend you stop by for a trim, blowout, and my speciality a dope fade.

After I prefect your hair I have a few events where you can show off your new look, and meet some talented authors.  First I’d love for you to help Spider Road Press celebrate their birthday, and listen to me read my award winning piece ‘Blanquita’.  I’ll post a video of the reading on my Facebook Author page that weekend along with pictures of the event if you can’t make it, although I highly recommend you do.


You can find out more at Spider Road Press by clicking here.

unnamed copy

I’ll also be at the Amazing Houston Comic Con from September 9-11 along with some friends of mine who will be signing books along with me.  You can find out more about the event from the Amazing Houston Comic Con website.

2 thoughts on “Where you can pick up some good reads

  1. Hi, lovely Melissa, I love to write. I want to know how to write as good as you? Introduce me some suggestions for improving my writing.
    Thanks a lot in advance

    1. Thanks for the comment-sorry it took me so long to get back. The hardest part about writing is finding the time to let your mind wander after you’ve ingested a days worth of people places and things-but it is the core of writing (at least for me). Every glance, change of tone, or the feel of the wind on your face-remember it all and use it to make the characters in your head come to life. A story will only be read and appreciated if there is some connection to the reader and the characters.
      Keep a diary and write down everything:poems, prose, thoughts.
      And then understand that publishing it is just as hard, but without your best most heartfelt work there’s no point in sharing it with the world if it’s nothing less than your soul on the page.

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