Space City Comic Con 2016

As predicted I had a blast at Space City Comic Con this year-especially because my longtime love, Israel was able to attend and see for himself.

Not only were there many local venders selling their wares (I ended up taking home some amazing necklaces and earrings made by local vendors and some artwork from Johnnie Rosales Jr (whom you can find on Instagram and Twitter)) but I had a chance to meet up with some authors.

As usual the dream team including Chantell Renee , Andrea Barbosa , and myself looked for readers and directed them to the book that would interest them-even if it wasn’t ours. Supporting each other is the most important thing for an author.  While at the event I met author Gibson Michaels for the first time and bought a copy of his novel ‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ and enjoyed speaking with him about his military service.  Author D.L. Young was there also and it was great to speak with him about writing and I bought his novel ‘Soledad: Dark Republic Book One’.

The readers that I met were awesome and I hope that they love my debut novel ‘Blood On The Potomac’ as much as I loved writing it.  And I’d appreciate anyone of my readers to leave an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads.  It’s always a pleasure to meet with new people whether they get my book or not because going to these events is one of the few times in an authors life when we actually get to talk to people about our work.  A highlight was seeing one of my dear friends that attended cosmetology school with me-great to see you again Meagan.

This year I didn’t get a picture with Black Widow, but I did see Space Pants and Space Shorts made famous my Gwen Stefani and Peter Dinklage for their skit on SNL.  I also got to speak at length with one Daenerys who is a budding writer and seems to be on the right track to publishing her own work.  The other Daenerys I’m pictured with had a dragon with her.  Thankfully I didn’t get burnt up so I could meet Harley Quinn.  My handsome man got to fight with Deadpool and Godzilla.

Thank you to everyone that took one of my books home, all the people that took a picture with me, and to all the local vendors that supported me as much as I supported them.



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