Release Party of ‘ Eclectically Vegas, Baby’

I had the pleasure of celebrating the release of ‘Eclectically Vegas, Baby’ with great friends.  Some of which are amazing authors, others are old friends, and I always meet someone new.

Writing has brought me so much, including meeting new people which inspire me to write even more.

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My short story ‘The End’ which is one of the several excellent stories included in the anthology from Inkling Publishing.  Find out more about them here

If you’re interested in picking up some great literature for those you love then check me out on Amazon and pick up Eclectically Criminal for three short stories by me: Molly, The Silencer, and Caroline Hearts Toby.

Like something hotter?  Try my spy story ‘Blood On The Potomac’ which inspired the full length novel I’m currently working on with Inklings Publishing.  See a snippet on Amazon

Like sci-fi?  Try my apocalyptic story ‘The End’ which can be found here on Amazon

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Thank you for all the new readers that came out tonight.  Without readers an author would be nothing.

Thanks a million.


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