It’s time to start Christmas shopping…

Christmas is coming up and there’s nothing sexier than someone who reads.

My short stories are quick, and will leave you wanting more.

Like spies? Lots of blood? Check out my story ‘Blood On The Potomac’ which inspired the full length novel I’m writing with Inklings Publishing It can be found in their anthology ‘Eclectically Carnal’ which you can find here at Amazon.

Do you watch Criminal Minds? Then you’ll love my story ‘The Silencer’ where I’ll take you inside the mind of a serial killer. Want to take a drug inducted car ride with some teenagers? Then read ‘Molly’. You can also read my story of a girl who’s assaulted and her attempt to move on in ‘Caroline Hearts Toby’. All these stories can be found in the anthology ‘Eclectically Criminal’ in which I’m the featured author and can be found on Amazon as well.

Are you a sci-fi kinda person? Ever wonder what it would be like to grow up in the apocalypse? Then you should read my story ‘The End’ which can be found in ‘Eclectically Vegas, Baby’ which will be released this Thursday, but can be found on Amazon.

No matter what you like I know I have s short story you love.

And don’t forget to leave an honest review after you get some amazing literature under the tree this year.

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