Amazing Comic Con 2016 Pictures

Let’s just say that the highlight of Amazing Houston Comic Con was that I did a podcast for bfe podcast. Basically incredible because I got real for the interview. Also terrifying because I got real for the interview. It should drop on Monday September 12…so be sure to check out bfe podcast     It is always… Continue reading Amazing Comic Con 2016 Pictures

20 Questions With…K.R. Thompson

Thank you for joining me for another edition of 20 Questions…this time with an author that I’ve never met (in real life at least).  K.R. Thompson and I have been corresponding via social media for at least a year, and both of us had books that were published around this same time.  Although each include… Continue reading 20 Questions With…K.R. Thompson

‘The End’-short story

Yesterday at the salon I had the pleasure of meeting a middle school English teacher.  She told me that she spent most of her time reading books that were written for her students age group, but she found it difficult to find something that would enthrall them, yet every parent would find appropriate for their… Continue reading ‘The End’-short story

20 Q-Patricia Flaherty Pagan

She isn’t the first author in the Houston Writers Guild that I met, but she is arguably the most influential in my career.  I’ve been in three different critique circles with Patricia Flaherty Pagan, so she’s read my first stab at a novel, to giving me the idea to entirely re-write the chapter called ‘Truth… Continue reading 20 Q-Patricia Flaherty Pagan

Comicpalooza 2016

For some people it was father’s day, or a chance to see the Dynamo or Astro’s, but for me June 19 was the epic final day of Comicpalooza (and ended with a blood filled episode of Game of Thrones). It’s always great to meet new readers-of which I met several-to share my work along with… Continue reading Comicpalooza 2016